Catering For Your Family And Friends

Gourmet hampers Sydney that being served by is truly special gourmet food and wine items. Catering not only takes place on a large scale but also on a smaller scale amongst family and friends. During the year all types of occasions take place including birthdays and celebrations. Some occasions take place at home with a number of guests and for that you still need to provide a catering service.

If you cater for your family and friends on a private basis you will require the following catering equipment to execute the perfect function.

  • Bain Maries. It is a good idea to get a few Bain Maries to keep food warm because you certainly won’t be able to keep all the food heated on the stove. Three to four Bain Maries would be ideal for a family function.
  • Cutlery and Crockery. If you’ve invited more than twenty people to your home function then you will need cutlery and crockery for each person. Having enough cutlery and crockery in your kitchen cupboard will save you hiring costs.
  • Tables and Tablecloths. It is a good idea to have a few trestle tables and white tablecloths at hand so that everyone will be able to sit and enjoy their meal. You should also have a number of chairs available too.
  • Urn. When you have to make tea and coffee for every person in your family you’ll soon find out how quickly you will run out of steam. An urn that keeps the water heated will allow your visitors to serve their own warm drinks whenever they want to.
  • Food Processor. A Food Processor that performs multiple tasks will save you a lot time in the kitchen, especially since you don’t have a whole team assisting you in the kitchen. It can blend and mix various types of foods.
  • Large Pots. If you are making food for a group of people it could be cumbersome to make it in many pots. A large pot to prepare curry, biryani or stew in will save you a lot of trouble.
  • Roasting Sets. Two or three roasting sets which consist of the roasting bowl and lid is perfect for roasting whole chicken or leg of lamb. If you have a large oven you could place two roasting sets to roast at the same time. Click here for inquiries about gourmet package.