BBQ Catering – The New Wedding Menu

In the past few years, we have experienced a swift and interesting change in the way people want to get catered in their wedding events. Earlier, the trend was of a full-fledge menu that consisted of welcome drinks and then, the starters or appetizers. Following the appetizers was the full course meal and then the desserts. This was an expensive affair that consumed a lot of time and attention of the guests. From the event organizer’s point of view, it did nothing than stuffing the pockets of the party caterer. Corporate picnic Sydney take the time to get to know your business and your employees so we can truly understand what your company needs in a picnic venue.

Then came the concept, where the entire event was covered in one meal that had lots and lots of variety in it. From here emerged the concept of finger food catering or Barbeque or BBQ catering. The companies engaged in wedding catering in Perth emerged with so many options that the guests never got bored of eating. Another advantage was that they were not required to leave their seats and go to another section of the wedding hall for 30-45 minutes for dinner. Since, finger food and BBQ menu consisted of food that can be consumed very easily, the catering services in Perth companies offered this food to the guests’ right at their seats. In the beginning, people showed their maximum interest towards finger foods, but BBQ catering is in demand these days at wedding events. In it, people enjoy great food cooked in a countryside style along with drinks without even lifting their fingers. Some wedding catering in Perth companies specialize in BBQ catering and here are a few tips to make an event super-successful using the BBQ food.

  1. When you say BBQ food, the first that emerges in the minds of the people is an all non-vegetarian menu. Actually, there is no harm in an all non-vegetarian menu because it will infuse lots of protein in your guests, especially if chicken, beef, pork and turkey items are on the menu.
  2. On the other hand, offering raw grilled vegetables is also an impressive move. You only need to ensure that you keep the variety and there has to be something for everyone.
  3. Since a lot of catering services in Perth companies have opened a BBQ catering division, you need to be very selective in picking a caterer for your event. Most of them often offer complimentary drinks, if you select BBQ menu, but negotiating would surely land you in an even profitable deal.
  4. Then, select a company that has some dessert in BBQ. Since sweets form a very important part of such events, it is important that the catering services in Perth company offers at least 3-4 kinds of desserts in its menu.
  5. The company should also arrange for the setup plus, the fuel to be consumed. Apart from this, it should also bring other equipments and decorative items apart from serving plates, glasses, table dressings, sound management or systems and even the right lighting for your event.

In all, before selecting a company, do all the necessary homework to ensure that you fetch the maximum output or in other words, the full value for money. Click here to get the catering needs that you want.

Catering For Your Family And Friends

Gourmet hampers Sydney that being served by is truly special gourmet food and wine items. Catering not only takes place on a large scale but also on a smaller scale amongst family and friends. During the year all types of occasions take place including birthdays and celebrations. Some occasions take place at home with a number of guests and for that you still need to provide a catering service.

If you cater for your family and friends on a private basis you will require the following catering equipment to execute the perfect function.

  • Bain Maries. It is a good idea to get a few Bain Maries to keep food warm because you certainly won’t be able to keep all the food heated on the stove. Three to four Bain Maries would be ideal for a family function.
  • Cutlery and Crockery. If you’ve invited more than twenty people to your home function then you will need cutlery and crockery for each person. Having enough cutlery and crockery in your kitchen cupboard will save you hiring costs.
  • Tables and Tablecloths. It is a good idea to have a few trestle tables and white tablecloths at hand so that everyone will be able to sit and enjoy their meal. You should also have a number of chairs available too.
  • Urn. When you have to make tea and coffee for every person in your family you’ll soon find out how quickly you will run out of steam. An urn that keeps the water heated will allow your visitors to serve their own warm drinks whenever they want to.
  • Food Processor. A Food Processor that performs multiple tasks will save you a lot time in the kitchen, especially since you don’t have a whole team assisting you in the kitchen. It can blend and mix various types of foods.
  • Large Pots. If you are making food for a group of people it could be cumbersome to make it in many pots. A large pot to prepare curry, biryani or stew in will save you a lot of trouble.
  • Roasting Sets. Two or three roasting sets which consist of the roasting bowl and lid is perfect for roasting whole chicken or leg of lamb. If you have a large oven you could place two roasting sets to roast at the same time. Click here for inquiries about gourmet package.

What Makes Maya a Leading Software For 3D Animation Training?

Animatics artist Sydney understands that they need to include basic sound effects, dialogue recordings and scratch soundtrack. One of the most common questions which people ask what software has been used in any 3D animation movie? Is it Maya? After Effects? Flash? In this article, you will learn about the best 3D animation software. Whenever we see 3D animated movies like Toy Story, How to Train Your Dragon, Frozen, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse on the big screen, we often think what technology or software has been used to create this software.

There are numerous animation institutes whose single objective is to aid you to take your love of animation and also transform it right into the imaginative as well as technical abilities required to develop interesting and also credible 3D computer animation. And in order to do that you need to understand Maya. Don’t believe us? Here are 5 reasons we think all 3D animators should know Maya.

1. Autodesk’s Maya is simply one of the best, most robust and versatile software available

Maya was first launched back in 1998 by Alias Wavefront as well as obtained by Autodesk in early 2006. Considering that 2006, Autodesk’s group of designers have actually been boosting and also including in the software application! View this video clip to see several of this year’s remarkable brand-new functions:

Maya is made use by 3D animators around the world as well as is built for feature film production. It’s made use of all-CG movies like Sony Pictures animation’s Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and also live-action incorporated movies like Avengers: Infinity War.

2. Maya is used by top feature film animation studios like Blue Sky Studios, Framestore, Moving Picture Company, and Industrial Light & Magic

Many of your favorite studios use Maya as a critical piece of their production pipeline, from rigging and modeling, all the way through to character animation. Framestore and Moving Picture Company collaborated on two key characters for the blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy-see how Framestore approached Guardians’ Rocket Raccoon. The Marvel team also brought several studios together to nail down the animation and special effects for Avengers: Infinity War.

A variety of recommended studios use Maya as a crucial thing of their production pipeline, from establishing as well as likewise modeling, totally by means to individuality computer animation. Framestore as well as additionally Relocating Photo Business collaborated on 2 essential characters for the smash hit struck Guardians of the Galaxy– see precisely just how Framestore resembled Guardians’ Rocket Raccoon. The Wonder team also brought various workshops with each other to pin down the computer animation as well as likewise one-of-a-kind outcomes for Avengers: Infinity Battle.

3. Academy-award-winning films use Maya

Over the last decade, Maya has played a role in countless Best Animated Features like Disney’s nominee Wreck-It Ralph (2013) and their Oscar-winner Frozen (2014). Sony Pictures Animation also relied on Maya for their mega-blockbuster hit and Oscar-winner Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2019). It’s important to keep in mind that good skills will get you far, irrespective of the software you use.

Maya is an industry-recognized 3D software, used in most studios. Maya and 3Ds Max all belong to Autodesk and work in a similar way. Choosing one option is a matter of individual preference. Maya was also used to produce the past two decade’s worth of winners of Best Visual Effects at the Academy Awards, on films like The Hobbit and Snow White and the Huntsman.

4. Knowing this industry-leading software will make you more competitive in your animation job search

A quick Google search for jobs in the animation industry will show you just how many studios look for experience in Maya, which is in the United States and internationally. Having this skill will make you stand out from the crowd when you are looking for jobs. And it isn’t just used for feature films-Maya is used to creating games and TV Shows, like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire.

A fast Google looks for work in the computer animation sector will certainly reveal you simply the number of workshops seeks experience in Maya, which remains in the USA and also globally. Having this ability will certainly make you stick out from the group when you are trying to find work. As well as it isn’t simply utilized for feature films– Maya is made use of to developing video games and also TV Shows, like Video Game of Thrones, The Strolling Dead and also Boardwalk Realm.

5. Learning robust software like Maya will help make the transition to other proprietary software easier

But what if you can’t find a job at a studio that uses Maya? Fear not! At Animation Mentor, we know that learning the right software is a major concern for students. However, when you learn complex software like Maya, you are building the skill of learning how to use a new type of tool. In this case, you’re learning how to use 3D animation software. Once you are able to use one software package, it’s not hard to learn how to use another similar package. Think of Maya as your 3D pencil-once you know the principles of animation and how to bring a character to life, the particular software package you use won’t matter as much anymore.

Maya is the industry standard for 3D animation, so if you’re planning on getting into the animation industry you need to join Autodesk Maya training courses. Maya can be really fun to use, and this course could be your shortcut to starting your animation career. Just learning 3D modeling software will not automatically make you a better artist – for that you need to have a great 3D skill. But when it comes to producing incredible 3D art, having knowledge about the right 3D modeling software for your style, skill level, and budget will certainly help.

Significant Services Offered by a Good Catering Company

A catering company Sydney owner is quite different, despite the fact they perform many of the same duties. Be it wedding, casual BBQ party, fine dining or any corporate functions; food is something that is of high significance in any event. When you serve your guests with scrumptious dishes which are very much different from their regular palate, it leaves an impressive mark in their minds. Whether you want a sit down wedding breakfast, impressive corporate dinner or a bespoke dining experience, a good Event Catering company can serve your guests with delicious delicacies to satiate their taste buds. Let’s have a look what are the services offered by a good catering company.

Corporate dinning: A good catering company knows how to blend fine food with the flavors of business. Whether it’s the Chairman’s Lunch or New Year Party a good cater always provides you with a bespoke catering solution to suit your requirement and budget. Whether you want to organize a big outdoor event or a formal business lunch with your clients, a good catering company can handle up to 300 guests at a time. They will give best service to your guest and give special to every individual attends the party.

Fine dining: A fine dining is all about creating memories with unique dining experiences offered by catering company. Private dining experience lets you enjoy the ultimate restaurant experience in your own home. If you opt this service, you will be offered a chef who will cook for you and you guests. The chef can even come to your home to treat your guests and you with an evening you will always cherish. Whether it is a small lunch or a large dinner, the experienced chefs strive best to satiate your cravings for delicious food.

Outdoor catering and wedding parties: Whether you want to host a lavish wedding ceremony or a small private party, a good catering company has the expertise and equipments to manage guests up to 300. When it comes to a classic and cost effective catering option for your gusts, hog roast machines and barbeques are the best for outdoor events. Offering some of the best looking roasts and BBQs to your guests you can make the entire occasion more tempting. The crackling sound of meat getting slow roasted and the tempting aroma of barbequed meat in the air, will titillate the taste buds of your guests for sure.

Keeping in mind that everyone’s tastes differ from another, a good catering company offers you the flexibility of bespoke requirements. When it comes to organizing outdoor catering or events, the catering company will listen to your requirements in order to ensure your occasion is a success. From organizing Corporate Dining event, Fine dining, outdoor parties to Hog Roast a good catering company always strives to offer you the best delicacies and dining experience. Your guest will surely remember the taste for a long time. So, you want to give nothing but the best to your guest then hire a professional catering company for the task to make your party a memorable for long.

Cooking BBQ Pork Ribs

From small office meetings and trainings to large regional events Corporate Catering would be able to handle it. have you always wanted to learn to cook incredible baby back and spare pork ribs? Looking for a great barbecue ribs recipe? Here is a crash course on grilling pork ribs.

Pork baby back ribs (loin back or back ribs are all interchangeable terms) run from just below the backbone (top) to the midpoint of the circle. Spare ribs continue from the midpoint all the way to the sternum. So each carcass supplies 2 racks (slabs) of baby backs and 2 racks of spares. Since baby back ribs come from the upper part of the pig near the tenderloin, they tend to be much more expensive than spare ribs which are lower on the pig so often deemed less valuable.

Baby back ribs have less fat, less meat and are often more tender than spares and are typically smaller in size (1.25 to 2.25 pounds per rack). Spare ribs have more meat, more fat and are usually less tender than baby backs. Spares arguably have more flavor due to the higher fat content and are close to the belly where the bacon comes from. Spares are larger in size (2-4 pounds per rack) and take longer to cook.

Rib Selection

Although not always easy to find, fresh ribs seem to be the best in quality. Try to avoid frozen or previously frozen ribs. Often ribs are packed two or three to a package so it is not always easy to inspect individual racks before purchase.

Try to find racks without large patches of visible fat. Fat renders well on Boston butts or shoulders, but that is not always the case with ribs. Often fat patches can actually become hard when cooking. Where possible, avoid racks with bones showing in the middle of the rack (referred to as shiners) as the meat can pull away from the rack and cause the ribs to separate during the cook.

Rib Preparation

Typically spare ribs are sold untrimmed (unless the package specifically is labeled ‘St. Louis’). Untrimmed have the brisket (sternum) attached with a flap of meat (often referred to as skirt). St. Louis style has been trimmed with the brisket and skirt already removed. Typically, it is more cost effective to buy spares untrimmed and trim them yourself.

The skirt and brisket (often called rib tips) are excellent for smoking and make a great snack while waiting for the whole racks to cook. A typical butcher shop or grocery store tends to charge more money for St. Louis style, yet you are actually getting less meat.

To remove the skirt, hold it up perpendicular to the cutting board and lay your knife on the bone of the rib and slowly cut flush with the rack until the skirt has been cut out completely. Save this piece for some rub and throw it on the smoker with the rest of the meat.

The next step is the most difficult step to perform. Many cooks will cook the entire rack with the brisket and skirt attached, but most prefer to cook the ribs St. Louis style. Cooking an untrimmed rack can cause issues with cook times where the brisket portion requires more time to cook than the ribs themselves which can result in overcooked ribs to finish the brisket. You can run your fingers along the brisket and feel where the ends of the ribs attach to the brisket. Cut straight along that line with a sharp knife to separate the ribs from the brisket. Once this step is completed, the spare ribs now look similar to a rack of baby backs.

The last prep step is to add your favorite barbecue rub. The rub is an extremely important step. Apply liberally but not excessively. Be careful with your rub. Many rubs are interchangeable, but some do not work well on ribs due to the surface area of the meat. A spicy rub that works well with a Boston butt or brisket may be too spicy for ribs.

Cooking Ribs

Ribs are actually pretty easy to cook with the right equipment. A good smoker with your favorite wood and following these directions can deliver consistent results. Among the barbecue community, there is a number formula for cooking ‘fall off the bone ribs’. For baby backs, the number is 2-2-1 and for spares, 3-2-1. The first number represents the number of hours cooked straight on the rack of your smoker. The second number is the number of hours wrapped in foil and the last number is the number of hours without foil. So, for baby backs, two hours ‘naked’, then 2 hours in foil and 1 hour naked. This will result in great tender ribs.

The last hour of cooking is a good time to baste with your favorite sauce. This time is meant to enhance the flavor and caramelize a good sauce. Be careful to monitor closely though with sauces high in sugar because they can easily burn. During the cooking process many cooks will use liquids to enhance the flavor and tenderness. Liquids like apple juice, butter, honey, molasses or even alcohol. An interesting combination is to mix half bourbon and half apple juice and use a spray bottle to mist on the ribs during the last hour.

Use the ‘bend test’ to make sure they are done. Grab the rack in the middle with your tongs and lift off the rack. If the other end is bouncy and springy, they need to cook longer. If they bend about 45 degrees and look like the end will break off, they are done.

Best smoke temperature is 225 degrees. Ribs go well with many different woods because of their surface area to meat ratio. I typically use mostly hickory, but ribs do well using other smoking woods like cherry, peach, pecan or mesquite.

Lastly, any barbecue purist will tell you to NEVER boil (parboil) your ribs. You are literally boiling the flavor right out of them. Parboiling is a technique for those cooking ribs in the oven. Doing so cuts down the cook time significantly but is a step that I would never do. For the best barbecue meal you may visit here.

This should give you a great start on cooking bbq ribs with your best bbq ribs recipe.

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The Top 3 Tips For a Great Corporate Event

Having a corporate activities is like gathering great minds to empower each other. The secret to getting those company events right over and over is the basic appreciation right from the start of the planning process that they have to deliver for the needs of their guests. Many managers in the corporate world will time and again come in with a need for a company event be it an end of year party, product launches, business meetings, staff trainings or indeed celebrating company successes etc. But exactly what’s a successful company event and how do you pull off one? Well, a successful corporate event is one that delivers on its aims just as much wowing its guests list. How? Well, Simple!!! Planning!

When planning your company event it’s always wise to start at the earliest possible opportunity. This alone can be the make or break in ensuring that your event and any event for that matter is a success. Ensure to factor in any requirements ahead of any company events including venues, any entertainment that might be needed, equipment needs, and most importantly buffet catering for the event.

1. A Great Venue

The value of an Event venue to its success couldn’t be emphasised enough. Consider this well and this could play an important role in setting a lovely backdrop of any event; should a wrong venue for a corporate event be chosen however, the consequences could be disastrous and far reaching not only to the organisers but so too to the guests and everyone involved. In choosing the right venue, special attention has to be paid to surroundings, décor and space requirements. For example, it’s wise to look out for any concerns that might arise including causes of unnecessary distractions, access to parking, and accommodation for guests and many others. The space has to be ample to accommodate the guest numbers. A rule of thumb here is always to overestimate. The last thing any event organiser would want is a crammed room full of disinterested guests some barely half awake.

And as anyone could guess, event venue prices are influenced by among other things the time of year, the location of the venue and of course the venue’s significance.

A place of cultural or social significance will carry hire costs. On the other hand, a city centre conference venue compared to an out of town venue will command a premier price. The key to an event venue in corporate events is to stay true the intentions of the event. Additionally, the venue should inspire and reinvigorate to help build on guests’ full concentration throughout the course. Venues such as those near train lines or construction sites can ruin a very important event.

Another tip here is to consider booking in advance especially if looking for any seasonal or advance booking deals that many venues will have in place to try to bolster their booking book.

If your event will last more than a day, it might be necessary to look out for group accommodation bookings deals with hotels and Bed and Breakfasts in the immediate vicinity of the event venue. A conference room in the same hotel as your guests could turn out a great saving than you might not have considered when booked together.

And in case guests will be coming from a distance, it’s probable many will drive to the event. In this case, parking requirements have to be considered around the venue. It might not be the best feeling welcoming a guest half an hour late having spent that time driving around the area looking for an appropriate parking space only to notice the pay machine is broke. They will be understandably be frustrated and this might be off putting for them.

2. The right Equipment

Nearly all corporate events will require some equipment of some sort. The provision of equipment and utilities needs to events such as access to electricity or gas will differ from venue to venue. While some will have access to utilities they might still will want you to cater for your equipment needs. Others venues might just be able to have basic equipment such as public address systems and visual aids as part of their package.

For some events, this could be inadequate for their needs. An example is when events have to be screened on multiple visual displays which might require additional equipment. Having multiple presenters on the other hand might require additional microphones the venue might not have. The key here is to consider every situation so the organisers understand its specific requirements.

Remember that any extra equipment from venue providers will almost certainly add to the costs whether from them directly or hired through them.

There can be situations meanwhile where it might require that equipment need is specific and specialised. This might be a piece of equipment you have back at the office or simply have to hire from specialist equipment hire companies. In the latter case, there can be certain benefits such as free handling, delivery and pickup and insurance for the equipment all inclusive in the cost.

They often will be comparably cheaper than hiring equipment from the venue itself who might sometimes hire it from elsewhere effectively acting as agents.

At other times however, the equipment is so specialised, buying it outright is the best option. The main benefit for this is with convenience; having your equipment available to you for the duration of the event without ballooning costs even when the event follows on. Future re use will also carry just a fraction of the hire cost if at all. Of course company procedures in place will determine the nature and process of purchasing the equipment but all departments can have the use of it for the same cost. The right equipment can be the glue in ensuring the flow of the event goes without a hitch. Disgruntled guests at the back can often become disengaged should there be a lapse in a lapse in visual and sound delivery.

3. Fabulous Food

Fabulous refreshments and food is perhaps one of the most important aspects of many events. Event catering has to be energetic, reinvigorate and inspire. It has to stay on theme as much as be decorative, healthy and opulent. Yes catering can account for the single biggest cost of many events but understandably. The rule of thumb in getting the correct catering for you event is to plan in advance.

When your event is small enough, and you are up to scratch with your cooking skills, then throw that apron on and get going the day before. There are a lot of ideas of buffets that can be delivered effortlessly in the home kitchen and still turn out great at the event. Compliment these with some office sundries that you might already have like coffees, teas, biscuits and cakes. A trip to a local super market will also reveal to some great ideas like fruit platters and cheese boards. These for a buffet of 4-10 guests can be made with ease including platters for canapés for those with a little more time on their hands.

However for larger events for example company celebrations and product launches or even that special business meeting, it certainly will require a professional caterer. In this case, simply expecting some members of staff to come up with some sandwiches from home and hoping for the best might not be a great idea.

Should you chose to use a local professional caterer be sure to have all guests interests requirements on hand so they’re properly are catered for. Many guests today will have a dietary requirement of some sort, vegetarian, gluten free, halal and the like. Planning early and getting to understand your guests list can help deliver on any of these requirements with a professional caterer.

With their wealth of experience, professional caterers can be your helping hand in helping come up with the right catering proposal and menu to suit your event. And finding one is a lot easier these days through search engine such as Google, Bing and Yahoo and local directories like Yell. Use a search term such as Corporate Buffet Caterers. In addition, they will be in position to better help with any catering equipment hire needs be it for cutlery, crockery, glassware or linen and furniture using their contacts in industry.

But perhaps the greatest help of them all is with food preparation and storage and transportation which can be a hectic affair when it comes to larger events. When you hire a caterer you take this burden off your shoulders. Food storage including hot food holding and cold food handling are is a heavily regulated field rightly so to ensure safe food practices. Professional caterers will have their own systems including checks and balances to ensure food is safe for guests and delivered on time to leave you to concentrate on your guests and event needs.

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Tips on Finding The Right Birthday Presents For Men

Whether it’s a milestone celebration or casual birthday drinks, we have a large range of birthday function rooms Melbourne. Do you find it difficult to know what to buy the men in your life? Sometimes it can be hard to know what the best birthday presents for men to buy. Many dads and granddads seem to have most things they want, and some guys never help by telling you what they need. If you have found yourself in this situation use the tips below to help make your life easier and the man in question happy when they come to opening their gift.

Four Great Tips for Shoppers

  1. Listen to the man you are buying for. When you are aware that the birthday is approaching pay special attention to what they are talking about. They may drop subtle hints that could be of great use when you start shopping. Find out what they are into, what has them interested and always pay attention if you are both looking online or in shops together.
  2. There is nothing wrong with asking men what they would like directly. Sometimes men will give a few ideas if they think that you are asking for someone else. You could casually ask what they are hoping for from their mum and dad or best mate. Sometimes asking will also give you an idea of what not to buy as they may moan about past gifts.
  3. Do some research online. Many men love gadgets and there are plenty of them available. Look on gadget websites and take some time to read the reviews. Reviews will give you a good idea of how well a product has been received in the homes of people just like you or the person you are buying for. It’s also useful to watch some television shows that are centred on gadgets and goods that are available to buy in shops or on websites.
  4. Decide how much you have to spend and shop within your budget. It can be easier to do this online as websites sometimes have a search function that allows you to search within certain price ranges. These features will ensure you don’t find items that you cannot afford and will stop you from spending more money than you really should.

Buying birthday presents for men can be a lot of fun. With some careful though, a bit of research and sensible shopping you will certainly impress the men in your life on their special day. Use the Internet for birthday gift ideas and save money by opting to buy online rather than on the high street.

15 Tips to Insure Your Food Truck Catering Event is a Success

Food truck catering for weddings, company picnics, and special events is a rapidly growing trend and for good reason! First of all, you can save a lot of money by using a food truck instead of going with a traditional caterer. Catering food trucks also add a uniqueness that standard catering just can’t. Plus, food trucks and their chefs generally specialize in particular types of food that they are very passionate about, and as a result, produce dishes that are out of this world! Luckily, food trucks can reach locations that regular kitchens cannot. Not just a hip choice, clearly using a food truck to cater your next event has many advantages. Dating someone are memorable especially if you spend together on a night meals.

Food truck catering also adds a uniqueness that standard catering just can’t. Plus, food trucks and their chefs generally specialize in particular types of food that they are very passionate about, and as a result, produce dishes that are out of this world! Luckily, food trucks can reach locations that regular kitchens cannot. Not just a hip choice, clearly using a food truck to cater your next event has many advantages.

To throw a successful event that your guests will love and remember careful planning is key. Food truck catered events, as well as corporate event catering and weddings are no exception. Read on for tips that will help ensure your food truck catered event is a smashing success.

1. Set a budget

The first thing you need to figure out is how much you want to spend. One of the biggest advantages to having a food truck catered event is that the savings are huge! Food catering services for trucks typically charge $10 to $20 per person, compare that to the standard $60-$70 per person traditional caterers charge. How much a food truck charges generally depends on upon how popular that truck is. The higher the demand, the higher the price. You can pocket your savings or use that cash to create special add-ons for your event. Perhaps you want to set up a buffet table with special sides to accompany your food truck or have a bar cart come as well. Many wineries and breweries now have mobile carts available. You can also use the extra dough to buy some additional decorations or to create custom wedding favors to compliment your party’s theme.

2. Figure out how much food you need

Your guests will come in all shapes and sizes and how much they eat and drink will vary too. The cuisine food trucks serve is fresh, made on the spot and will be gobbled up eagerly by your guests. Make sure you have enough food on hand so they can go up for seconds or thirds! During a time of celebration, people tend to let loose, and drinking and eating more than usual is just part of having a good time. Be ready for it! The average food truck can feed about 75 guests so if you are expecting that number you might consider hiring two trucks, which can also add variety.

3. Carefully select your food truck

Food trucks add excitement to any event and will help set the mood. Your choice of a truck will have a huge impact on your event. They come in a variety of styles and colors, some crazy and wild and others more upscale and subdued. If you’re looking for a fun, loud, raucous event, pick a truck that is brightly colored and perhaps even plays music. If you’re hosting a sophisticated garden party a cute little dessert truck with a simple striped awning would work great. Choose a truck that compliments the theme or ambiance you are trying to create. Decorate around the truck and integrate it into your event. There are a huge variety of food trucks out there. Be careful to do your research so you know exactly what your truck looks like and what it has to offer ahead of time. Your food truck will definitely add to your desired ambiance and make it a party your guests will remember.

4. Create a custom menu

Once you’ve selected your truck or narrowed your list down to a couple, it’s time to think about your menu. By using a food truck to cater your event or wedding you have an awesome opportunity to share with your guests the foods that you love most or serve and celebrate local cuisine. Food trucks usually have awesome food. They typically specialize in certain foods and relish creating the best in class. Food truck chefs are often happy to prepare your specially requested items. If there’s something in particular you want, talk to the food truck’s chef or owner about it. One of the big bonuses to hiring a food truck to cater your event is that it gives you the ability to really get creative and put your own personal touch on the menu, so take advantage of it!

Select foods that compliment your event’s theme. If you’re going for corporate catering for a formal event there are plenty of trucks that serve high-end dishes, made even better with fresh or locally sourced ingredients. Yum! Loads of food trucks serve up casual fare too. Often chefs put their own personal spin on more standard selections, making even common foods outrageously good.

To keep things moving you should limit what’s offered to a few specialty items just for the occasion. Guests will be thrilled to have a few items to choose from since most sit down catered meals only offer one or two options. Plus, having to produce a long list of different things can greatly slow down the pace at which the food comes out, and the last thing you want is to have your guests starving and grouchy!

Another thing to consider is whether your guests will be standing or seated while eating. If standing, (assume they will be holding a glass in one hand), easy to handle items that don’t require cutlery will work best.

One fun idea is to create special names for your menu choices that your guests will recognize or relate to, like “the blushing bridesmaid”, for instance. Don’t forget with all the money you’re saving you might even be able to afford to have two food trucks. Then you can offer your guests an even greater variety of options and perhaps introduce them to some new palette pleasing fare.

Planning an event requires careful attention to the details, read on to find out what details you should be aware of when food truck catering an event or wedding.

5. Attend to the details

Most municipalities have restrictions in place that determine where a food truck can be parked, at what time and for how long. They vary by the city so you will need to check with city hall and with your selected venue before the event. You may be required to get a special permit or insurance. Talk to the food truck owner. They are often experienced and know which locations require special permitting, etc.

One awesome aspect of having a food truck catering at an event is that it gives you freedom to host your party in locations that many traditional kitchens can’t reach. Want to get married at the park where you first met? Well, with a food truck that’s possible! You just want to make sure your food truck can get to the event. They often carry a heavy load of equipment and supplies, so steep hills can prove challenging for some trucks.

If you’re having your event inside check with the venue to make sure there is ample parking for the food truck and space for your guests to line up. Also, if the truck needs electric hookups you’ll want to make sure those are available.

6. Decide the best spot for your food truck

There are several things to take into consideration when figuring out where to set up your food truck. First, you want it where it’s easily accessible to your guests. Nobody wants to trudge a quarter mile in high heels to grab a bite. So keep it close to the main action, without making it the focal point. Setting your food truck off to the side but close enough that everyone can easily get to it is smart. Also, you may want to put the bar right next to it. That way guests can get everything they need all at once, and those waiting in line can enjoy a cocktail. Make sure the location of the food truck and those in the queue do not interfere with the main event. Keep it out of the way of the dance floor, DJ or band, and preferably not right next to bathrooms!

Another thing to think about is where the food truck should be for photography purposes. You will want pictures of it and with your guests gathered around it, but most likely you won’t want it in every picture. Your food truck can be a great spot to stage some shots and get some cool pictures to remember the event by. You may want to mention to the food truck owner that you would like the truck to arrive freshly washed!

7. Design your eating area

Think of your food truck as a super cool twist on the traditional buffet. Here you have a couple of options for seating. First, you can set up tables and chairs and let guests seat themselves wherever they want. This works well and lets guests flow and mingle as they like, while also having a comfortable place to sit and eat. Especially important if you’re expecting guests on the older side. A second option is to supply some high top or cocktail tables and stools, stocked with forks and napkins so guests can sit or stand to mingle and eat. Or, just supply napkins and cutlery in a central location to encourage guests to stand and eat. How you design your eating area is up to you and depends on the style of party you’re having and the type of food you will be serving.

8. Find out exactly what your food truck provides

Food trucks, and what they provide for events differs as much as the food they serve. So talk to your food truck owner and find out exactly what they will bring. Part of the beauty of using a food truck is that there are no plates to wash at the end. Paper plates are the norm and some food trucks will even provide them and cutlery so you don’t have to worry about it. If you don’t want to use standard white paper plates, or if you are having multiple trucks and want everything to match find ones you like and use them instead.

Some trucks even come with music. If it’s music you like that could save you the additional expense a band or dj would entail. If, however, you have your own music set up, let the food truck know so you don’t end up with different music sources competing for attention.

9. Letting your guests know

Having a food truck at your event is truly a novelty item and you may want to mention it on your event’s invitation. Older guests may not quite get it, since it balks tradition, but mentioning it ahead of time will help get them in the spirit to enjoy a more casual set up. At the event, you might consider having someone announce the food truck when it’s time to eat, and what it’s serving, so you’re not stuck herding guests. Funky creative signage can also get the word out. Most of your guests will be thrilled by your choice and love having fresh food that was cooked on the spot.

10. It’s all about the timing

Having a food truck adds another social aspect to your event because guests need to line up to order and get their food. However, you don’t want a traffic jam, so you need to carefully plan the timing. Set a schedule for when the food should be served and consumed and review it with your food truck owner or chef so everything is ready to go and everyone knows what’s expected. For traditional catering you may click here.

13 Washington-Area Food Trucks That Will Totally Come to Your Wedding

Late night treats have become commonplace among modern weddings, but a great way to localize them and add a “wow” factor for your guests is to bring in your snacks via DC’s kitchens on wheels. Some of these amazing Washingon-area food trucks can offer a little something extra to your celebration, while others can cater the whole shebang. No matter how big your party is we’ve got you covered with our full BBQ events.

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken

The only thing that comes close to going together as well as you and your fiance(e) is doughnuts and fried chicken, especially when it’s being served up by this mobile eatery. With fun flavors like maple bacon doughnuts and honey butter fried chicken, there’s a little something to please every palate. Price: $1,200 food minimum plus 20 percent truck fee for two hours. Additional $100 fee after 5 PM. If event is taking place outside of a 20-mile radius of their G Street restaurant space, additional fees apply.


What’s better than barbecue to add some Southern hospitality to your warm-weather wedding? Throw in some buttermilk cornmeal biscuits with the selection of brisket, pulled pork, pulled and spiced chicken, hot wings, and more, and we can’t think of any better way to make your guest feel right at home. Price: Find the catering menu online and email for more information about booking the BBQ Bus.

The Big Cheese

There’s something about late nights and melted cheese that just go together. The Big Cheese will keep your dance floor fueled with spin-offs of the classic grilled cheese sandwich, including variations such as goat gouda and caramelized onions on multigrain bread or chipotle cheddar with guacamole and jalapeños on sourdough. Price: $100 per hour for truck rental, plus regular menu prices.


Macaroni and cheese (or as we call it, the food of the gods) gets an upgrade with this street side serving: aged white cheddar, chicken meatballs, and fresh cream are just a few things you’ll find in your dish of deliciousness. Price: $1,000 minimum includes three menu items for guests to choose from, enough to serve 100 guests. Additionally, there is a truck rental fee of $75 per hour.

Captain Cookie & The Milk Man

Oh, sure, cake is delicious–but on a hot summer night, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as drippy, melty ice cream. End the night with a surprise delivery of Captain Cookie ice cream sandwiches that are made from scratch. Price: Varies based on location, time, and menu selections of event. Fill out the form on the website to receive a quote for your event.

Dangerously Delicious Pies

Pies may evoke the image of a holiday-season treat, but Dangerously Delicious Pies’ year-round confections are not limited to the sugar spectrum: they also serve up savory pies filled with recipes like ratatouille or beer brats along with cheesey quiches. Price: 15 pie minimum (pies are $35 for savory, $32 for quiches, $30 for sweet) with a $250 truck flat rate (additional $50 for ten to 15 miles out of DC, additional $100 for 16 to 20 miles out of DC). Event must take place within 20 miles of DC.

DC Slices

Pizza was probably your late-night go to in college, and it can be your after-hours snack for your wedding as well. The pies are baked right in the truck and topped with everything from buffalo chicken to tater tots. Price: $900 minimum, price for each pizza ranges between $6 to $24.

Feelin’ Crabby

Ideal for an Eastern Shore wedding, this truck will bring a taste of the sea with crabcakes, lobster claws, and more. This truck often partners with their sister truck, South Meets East, to include tacos alongside the seafood proteins. Price: Starts at $12 per person plus $200 truck fee.


Proof that everything tastes amazing in a crunchy fried shell, this twist on the eggroll offers a jumbo-sized version packed with everything from a Big Mac-style burger to gyro meat to pulled pork. Price: $75 per hour truck rental fee plus $6 per Meggroll (each Meggroll is cut in half, so one roll can serve two). Interested in events like barbecue, just click here.

Lemon Lemon Arrives Just In Time For Summer

PURCHASE, N.Y., May 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — With summer days just around the corner, LEMON LEMON, a new sparkling lemonade from PepsiCo, is available in stores across the country, offering a refreshing way to enjoy the warmest months of the year. LEMON LEMON includes a mix of lemon juice, bubbles and a touch of sweetness, available in three flavors – Original, Blackberry and Peach. At just 70-calories per 12-oz. can it is a bubbly reminder to take time out from your busy daily routine. Cocktails parties are classy social gatherings aimed at entertaining business associates and friends.

To celebrate the global launch of LEMON LEMON, consumers can power down and get away with “Picnic Time Off,” a series of picnics in three of the world’s busiest cities – Paris, New York and Toronto. Each LEMON LEMON picnic will include the simple pleasures of escape including music, food, refreshment, real life connections and, of course, a chance to taste LEMON LEMON.

In New York, LEMON LEMON will host an exclusive floating picnic on the Hornblower Infinity yacht on Wednesday, May 24. The event will feature a special performance by singer and songwriter Calum Scott, culinary treats and a scenic, sunset tour of some of New York’s iconic landmarks. Beginning today, fans can tune in to iHeartMedia’s Z100 and 103.5 KTU to learn more about a chance to win tickets to the exclusive event.

“LEMON LEMON is the perfect refreshment when you’re looking to escape from the day-to-day grind,” said Rosemarie Iannucci, Marketing Director, PepsiCo. “We are excited to kick-off summer with a LEMON LEMON floating picnic, encouraging New Yorkers to relax, recharge and reconnect with those around you.”

Now on shelves in the U.S., Canada and Western Europe (in markets including France, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany), the sparkling lemonade has no artificial flavors and no artificial sweeteners. The U.S launch will be supported across digital, mobile and radio campaigns.

LEMON LEMON digital channels aim to put the ‘social’ back in ‘social media,’ and offer a whimsical taste of what’s out there waiting for followers. Follow LEMON LEMON on Instagram and Facebook to be reminded that an escape is just a sip away.

About PepsiCo
PepsiCo products are enjoyed by consumers one billion times a day in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. PepsiCo generated approximately $63 billion in net revenue in 2016, driven by a complementary food and beverage portfolio that includes Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Pepsi-Cola, Quaker and Tropicana. PepsiCo’s product portfolio includes a wide range of enjoyable foods and beverages, including 22 brands that generate more than $1 billion each in estimated annual retail sales.

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