Nursing Assistant Training Courses and Career Options

Diploma in Childcare includes management competencies which will equip graduates with the knowledge and confidence to meet the daily challenges of working within the early childhood industry and the ability to lead and mentor other staff and volunteers. The knowledge needed to work with patients inside a health care setting is obtained by pursuing formal training. Professional nursing assistants help patients complete every day tasks. The coursework offered inside vocational college programs prepares students to enter careers within this healthcare profession.

Education is concentrated and lasts anywhere from six to fifteen weeks. Programs are dedicated to providing students with theoretical knowledge and clinical experience pertaining to the work conducted inside healthcare facilities. Students obtain the knowledge to provide patients with care, which can include assisting them when bathing and eating. A wide variety of areas are explored within educational courses that cover clinical tasks. By entering a certificate or diploma program students develop the skills to care for patients. Training topics cover areas that include nutrition, hygiene, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and emergency care. Students are able to understand these concepts by successfully completing coursework that breaks down each major area. Possible training courses may include:

*Health Evaluation

Since nursing assistants spend the most time with patients they need to understand how to properly monitor and assess an individuals’ health. Programs usually take the knowledge gained in introductory courses such as taking vital signs and range of motion techniques and apply it to health evaluation. Students learn to assess a patient’s health and report any change that may need to be looked over by a physician. Diet and exercise are some variables that are discussed in correlation with good health.

*Medical Ethics and Law

Students will explore the guidelines used to work with patients inside a health care setting. The state and national laws regarding patient rights and privacy are learned to prepare students for professional work. Ethics are also highly focused on, which teaches students patient treatment standards. This is an important course when pursuing careers.


Courses in communication train students to understand how to interact with patients, doctors, and families. The nursing environment is examined and students participate in role-playing scenarios that address these areas.

Students also learn basic skills that explore the proper care of patients. Courses in first aid, human anatomy, infection control, and nursing care are major subjects that train students to become today’s leading nursing assistant professionals. Programs also give students a chance to establish their skills prior to obtaining careers by having them work directly with patients and their doctors. Patient safety and communication is developed in courses that have students working inside healthcare facilities.

Upon completion of training students must pass a written and clinical section of state administered examinations. Exam subjects typically include repositioning patients and taking vital signs. Written portions include information on ethics and communication. Common careers available to students include:

  • Private Home Care Assistants
  • Orderlies
  • Nursing Assistants

Students should consider vocational nursing assisting training options and begin completing the required coursework to enter careers. Accredited education is important to successfully obtaining jobs in this popular area of the health care industry. Agencies like the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools ( ) are approved to fully accredit programs that offer a quality education.

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